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Wisecracks Kitten QuestionNaire

If you think you are interested in adding a new family member now or in the near future, please feel free to complete this form and return it to us. Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help us to place the right kitten in your home, and to ensure that a Devon is in fact the right cat for your needs. All information will be kept confidential and used only by us. Thank you for your cooperation and interest in our cats.

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Wisecracks Feedback Form

What Do We Do Well? What Could We Do Better?
Is Your Wisecracks Devon All You Hoped He/She Would Be?
If you have adopted a cat or kitten from us, we welcome your feedback. This is the place for you to make comments and share a few antics. With your permission I will then add your comments with a photo to my Kitten Owners Comments Page.

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Wisecracks Annual Health QuestionNaire

We like to keep in touch with our kitten owners as part of our Breeding for Health programme. Ideally we would like to here about your kitten and how they are getting on - especially with regard to their health - at least once a year. We will send out reminders from time to time.

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Wisecracks Microchip Form

As of January 2015, your kitten will be microchipped and this will be included in the purchase cost. The information required is supplied in the kitten questionnaire you will need to complete. If you have strong objections to microchipping, I am happy to discuss these with you.

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