Long Haired Devon Rex

In May 2010 NZCF accepted the registration
of Long Haired Devon Rex

Devon Rex breeders have been able to outcross to Domestic cats in order to increase the healthy gene pool of Devon Rex cats in this country. Domestic cats are normally of unknown ancestory, even if both parents or even grandparents are known it is impossible to know whether they carry the recessive gene for long hair.

NZFC now accept registration of Long Haired Devon Rex

It was therefore inevitable that some cats resulting from these matings would carry the long hair gene, and equally inevitable that eventually these two recessive genes would match up to produce some long haired Devon Rex cats.

It is not always easy to tell the coat length in Devon Rex kittens. Our Beautiful boy Ba Zooka (photo left) had a somewhat unkept look as a very young kitten and by the age of 2 years old when he had grown his full adult coat he was definitely long haired. His coat did not mat and was soft and very appealing.

NZFC now accept registration of Long Haired Devon Rex

Ari Osso aka Scruffy Nuts (photo right) is possibly also long haired we should know for sure when she gets her full coat. She is totally charming.

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