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Hamilton Pet Expo

Our Devon Rex Cats Pixies of the Cat World Enchanted Many of the 11,000 Visitors

Who Attended The 2010 Pet Expo In Hamilton

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Devon Rex Cats Stall

Our cats thoroughly enjoyed the 11,000 visitors who passed through the Pet Expo, and were thrilled with visits from many of our kitten owners! We tried not to offend people but did insist on hand washing before anyone cuddled the cats, as there was a cat show and cat rescue stalls also at the Pet Expo. Visitors seemed amazed at how the cats just chilled and stayed with us, and only retired to the crate for toilet purposes. There were bleating goats, Meowing cats, nickering horses, and dogs from small to giant passing through and barking. To top off their relaxing weekend their was a false fire alarm on the Sunday afternoon and we had to quickly grab six cats and leave the building, a lovely family saw our plight and offered their help, I cannot thank them enough! The cats remained unfazed!

Liddle Leda perched on visitors shoulders, and played with visitors until she wore herself out and snoozed off in the hammock.

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Liddle Leda In WingsHamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Devon Rex Liddle Leda

Demanda Devon aka Nana Jaj adored playing the supervising Matriarch from on high, we were asked many times if she was 'real' but a quick chat soon confirmed she was!

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Demanda Devon Rex Enjoying All The Visitors

Our up and coming stud boy Gusto was happy as a clam until some cat at the cat show said something about his 'fairy wings' or so we thought, but it transpired that it was actually noisy push chair wheels that were upsetting him, but between offending push chair attacks he interactive and enjoyed himself. He enjoyed cuddles with visitors, including Sian pictured here.

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Devon Rex Stud Cat Relaxing With Visitor Sian

Va Leur perched her pregnant tummy most of the time in her favourite spot, Gordon's shoulders but she took time out for cuddles with visitors including Jamie Lee

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Devon Rex Cat VaLeur Cuddling Jamie Lee

Belle Canto more commonly known by all who love her as Mouse lapped up cuddles from lots of visitors and relaxed between cuddles dozing with her feline and human family. She is pictured here with angelic looking visitor Keela left and fellow face painted feline Rylee right.

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Devon Rex Belle Canto Cuddling With visitor KeeraHamilton Pet Expo - Devon Rex Cat Belle Canto Cuddling Visitor Rylee

Ari Osso more commonly known as Scruffy Nuts enjoyed herself in spite of the often disgruntled expression she wore. Sometime giving more of a 'Bad Fairy' impression than that of a friendly mischievous Pixie.

Hamilton Pet Expo - Wisecracks Devon Rex Ari Osso Playing Cat PixieHamilton Pet Expo - Devon Rex Cats Va Leur And Belle Canto Relaxing In Pixie wings

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