Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Death of a Devon Rex Cat

Losing any pet is devastating. So our hearts go out to you if you are suffering the loss of a beloved pet.

By nature, Devons tend to leave very large holes in people's hearts and lives when they die.

Here are some websites that deal with the issues surround the death of a much loved companion. They include information on the stages of grief, practical ways to deal with the grief and sadness, and ways of saying good bye.

Living with the loss of you cat
This site has lots of useful advice and also includes the well-know poem "Rainbow Bridge" that many find comforting when they are faced with the death of a pet

How to come to terms with the loss of a pet
This site contains a section on how to explain the death of a pet to a child

Pets at Rest
These people provide a personal pet cremation service, as sad as it seems all of have to face that our beloved pets are not immortal

Loving Tributes Pet Cremation Service
Gaelynn provides a service to pet owners in the South Island, and offer individual cremations. They also have a lovely page on coping with grief, and offer personalized plaques, rocks, canvasses, and crosses.

Death of a Wisecracks Devon

Sam has written this eulogy for her own healing and in honour of dear Twitch, and in the hope that it will help others to reflect warmly on their losses

Twitch is one of too many of my beloved cats who have come to an untimely end. Her owners suffered a second loss when Twitch's sister was killed by a neighbor backing out of his drive. These precious cats can never be replaced, Twitch's humans now live with two Devon Rex siblings, a retired Devon Queen and a young Domestic, but they still miss Twitch and her sister terribly. I think the sentiments they have expressed in this eulogy will touch many a heart. There are very few of us who have managed to elude loss as a part of our lives. The celebration of the life lived is a great comfort and helps us remember the good times we had together.

Twitch Eulogy - click to see larger image

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