Getting Ready for Your New Fur-Person!

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What an indoor only cat will need
Safe alternatives to an indoor only cat


A quick checklist of what you'll need before your kitten arrives home

Carry Cage I have cages available from my wholesaler currently $35 (price subject to change)

Toilet Tray I advise the use of a covered tray but without the door put on. Again I usually have these available from my wholesaler for $45 (price subject to change). Devons are very enthusiastic when it comes to burying their wastes!

Litter Your kitten is used to wood pellets used for wood pellet fires. These are brilliant and reasonably priced. You need only barely cover the bottom of the toilet tray - they swell as they get wet. You can call the manufacturer on 0800 pellet (0800 735538) if you are having trouble finding these.

Food/Food Dish Your kitten has been raised on Royal Canin Baby Cat food and will need a good quality kitten food until he/she is 9 months old. Raw chicken necks are great for their teeth and yes they are already big enough to devour these!

Spray Bottle This is pretty useful, a small garden shop type spray bottle, set on jet to squirt your kitten when he/she is caught chewing on your steak, climbing your curtains etc. If you say 'NO' they will start to listen to the command even without the squirt (on a good day!)

A Scratch Pole Preferably with cut pile carpet or sisal (rope) The pole needs to be anchored on a large solid base and be stable, and at least as tall as a cat on it's hind legs arms stretched out, so a good 800mm tall. The fabric cat towers are pretty but not that serviceable.

Toys I find kittens adore the felt catnip mice and seem to prefer green and red. Anything that makes crunching noises like crushed paper etc will work well as a toy. Devons like to retrieve so something they can carry is often a hit.

Cat Flap If you choose to have an indoor/outdoor cat a microchip cat flap is a safer alternative. The cat flap can learn your cat's microchip and will then only allow your cat/cats into your home.
Watch video about Sure Flap Microchip Cat flap

A Good Vet Ask around while you are waiting for your kitten to see who local animal lovers recommend. Best to think ahead.

Good Neighbours Devons love people, not just their people, pays to just let your lovely neighbours know you have a very busy kitten arriving.

A Sense of Humour You'll need it!

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Devon Rex Cat chilling out in cat condo


A good scratch pole/ cat condo for an inside only cat

A Good Scratch Pole/Cat Condo

With a large base to make it steady, tall enough to allow your cat to fully stretch, so at least 800mm tall. Platforms to perch on and hammocks to lounge in are also great. The fancy polar fleece fabric is not good for areas where the cats will be scratching., carpet or sisal (rope) are best. this masterpiece on the right was built for two of our Devons by their new family, it has everything a cat could desire, nice and tall, with a hammock, swing, scratching poles and hideaways! The box bottom right serves as a step up and even opens as a toy box. CAT TREE PATTERNS

Devon Rex Cats need to have access to grass


Indoor only cats require grass to nibble. You can quite aesthetically grow a pot of cat grass for them.

Toilet Box

Toilet training your Devon Rex cat

It is recommended that each cat has a litter box, so two cats two toilet boxes. I also find that with multi level homes it is best to have a litter tray on each level. It is equally important to keep these clean. As mentioned elsewhere on my web site, wood pellets are ideal, reasonable litter and offer great odour control.
Toilet train your cat to the human toilet. Several of my kitten owners have successfully toilet trained their Devons to use the human toilet (not quite able to flush and wipe!) Although there are expensive kits out there, using a $2 Shop tin tray under the seat with litter and gradually making it smaller and smaller works! The cat will progress to just jumping up and using the toilet with no tray

Devon Rex Kittens love company!


Devons are social creatures, they need and love company, so an indoor only cats especially needs lots of human company, and if there will be longish periods without their humans it is best to consider having a second cat or an indoor dog as company

Devon Rex Kittens love to play with toys!


Again Devon Rex are intelligent, active cats, if they cannot get out to hunt, they will need toys, and time spent retrieving etc while you are home with them. Toys that make noise like rustling paper, crinkle sacks and tunnels are wonderful. For fun ideas to make your home more inside cat friendly go look at this fun home for cats!.Wisecracks Laken Velder, pictured on the right is happy with his interactive mouse!

Devon Rex Kittens - it's time for your walk now!

A Harness

For safe walks outside. I am happy to get kittens used to their harnesses from an early age if they are going to be wearing one in their new homes.

Some Devon Rex Cats love catnip!


Catnip is wonderful for some cats, you can buy the spray or toys filled with dried catnip. Our Devons seem especially partial to the felt mice filled with catnip and oddly the green and red mice are more cherished than the blue and yellow? The response to catnip is genetically controlled so some cats truly feel no effects while others go quite silly! For lots more information on keeping cats indoors only, please visit the Indoor Cat web site, it is very informative and inspiring

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Devon Rex Kittens - enclosed outdoor play area

Outdoor Play Area

Cat resistant fencing!

With some effort and financial outlay it is possible to allow your cat the best of both worlds. You can build an outdoor play area or purchase a used large aviary, this can be accomplished without being unsightly, and even joined to the house, so available for use by your feline friend at their convenience. Wisecracks T Gal on left is still keen to explore beyond her boundaries!

Cat resistant fencing!

Cat resistant fencing, nothing not totally enclosed can be totally cat proof, they are amazing athletes. However electric fencing above an existing fence, can work wonderfully well and is what we use. It is important to make wires alternating live and earth. Our kittens are used to this system which we run 600 mm higher than the existing fence (pictured on the right) one shock and they avoid it, it also serves as a visual barrier. There is some upkeep making sure growth is kept cut back to avoid alternate escape routes!

I have read that tilting the electric fence extension inwards (not unlike jail surrounds) is even more effective.

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