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Family Album

Wisecracks Devon Rex Cattery Extended Family, Two and Four Legged

Welcome to our family album page. We hope to keep this page fun and interesting. Through a series of photos you will be able to get a feel for the sort of environment our kittens are raised in. You can read more about our kittens once they have left our home on my Kitten Owners Comments Page. Wisha a guide dog puppy we puppy walked has graduated and there is a link to her diary on each web page.

Our animal family

Family Album - Gizmo Pomeranian Cross Chihuahua

Gizmo Pomeranian x Chihuahua - Jessica's Dog
Gizmo arrived at 6 weeks old, still breast feeding, and Betty Boo our old Boston Terrier as usual took over mothering him. Gizmo is Jessica's dog, he is half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian. When he arrived, Yammy thought he was food and was gutted when he smelled like a dog! Gizmo is sporting his full coat, and it is much less dense than we had feared and totally non shedding, which is a huge bonus. He is extremely clever and has his attitude under control, with a lot of help from his human family!

Family Album - Scruffy Nuts With Poodle Cross

Roxie Standard Poodle Mastiff Cross
Roxie is a three quarter Standard Poodle one quarter Mastiff cross, she hides the Mastiff well, but it is there mellowing her Poodle bounce. She is a total delight and adjusts to whatever we are doing, she can run and bounce or just chill. She adores her cats and breast fed them until she had to lose all of her nipples because of mammary tumours. Roxie adores kittens and supervises deliveries and is a gentle caring canine aunt. Roxie was mated to a friends lovely Chocolate Labrador and had two puppies, Wiggle Bee now known as Albert who stayed and took over Chloe's life and Woogle now living in Napier.

Family Album - Wiggle Bee aka Albert

Wiggle Bee Aka Albert - Labradoodle Chloe's Dog and Best Friend
Albert is one of two puppies darling Roxie had to a Chocolate Labrador. He is a happy dog, and was meant to go to a home, but Chloe delivered him and worked on us until she managed to keep him. He is only very good with the cats and kittens and livestock. He actually fetches, which Roxie is far too dignified to do. He adores Chloe and the feeling is mutual. Albert went flatting with Chloe in Hamilton and looked after his own cat and rabbit loose all day with him, he has been back home for a few years now. We will miss him when he moves out with Chloe but will look forward to his visits

Family Album - Horse Sharing Gingernut Family Album - Maicha Appalossa Mare With Jessica

Maicha Appaloosa Mare - Loved by Jessica
Maicha taught Jessica so much and helped her become a confident rider. Thet spent many summers together at Christian horse camp and runs at the beach and in the surf. Maicha was so amazing we adopted her niece Anna. Last year Maicha went to another young girl to help her gain her confidence around horses. Sadly Maicha was only with her a year and in June 2011 she was found dead in the paddock, she had a burial on the farm, we were all gutted to hear the news.

Family Album - Chloe And Appaloosa Mare Snowprints Anna Together Family Album - Chloe And Appaloosa Mare Snowprints Anna Together

Snowprints Anna Appaloosa Mare - Belonging to Chloe
Annie or Mad Annie as we knew her came to us as an unbroken 2 year old with attitude, she and Chloe developed a working relationship. Annie was as much a dog as she was a horse, she played tiggy, and had very definite likes and dislikes, if she did not like any of Chloe's friends she would march them out of the paddock. She would do anything for Chloe, it worried me that Chloe would ask her to do something dangerous like walk over a thin plank crossing a stream, because Annie would just do it! They attended many Christian horse camps together and Annie won most of the races. She and Maicha got nick named Tux and Pal, because they ganged up and booted any other horse that bothered them, typical appaloosa behavior, they seem to know they are different! Tragically on Chloe's 20th birthday October 26th 2010 we found Annie dead in the paddock she had impaled herself on a small branch through the heart. She was such a character and sadly missed.

Family Album - Donkey Dudley Family Album - Goat using donkey as a ladder

Dudley Donkey
Dudley joined us after the girls went to horse camp. They called saying Dudley needed a home. He was meant to be a peace keeper among a herd of bulls, but he is too gentle. Apparently male donkeys will guard their herd, attacking wolves etc, and also will intervene with any infighting, which is where his role of peace keeper was meant to lie! He is a dear little man, and getting more accustomed to human contact. Dudley had his own harem of sheep, which he is very protective of but since we got two goats he has decided the sheep are a little simple and he prefers the company of his goats

Family Album  - Chloe and MaxFamily Album - Gordon and Lockie

Lockie and Max
Lockie is a Nubian x Alpine and Max is a Nubian, they were originally my daughter's pets but she is moving out and the new land lord has a beautiful garden and does not want two goats doing unsupervised pruning. They were both bottle fed and are like two dogs they follow us everywhere in the paddocks. Max is very soft and sweet while Lockie is just mischief, he also uses poor Dudley donkey as a tool to prune our trees!

Family Album - Ollie Ring Neck Parrot And Magma Lorikeet

Petal and Pansy our Galloway Girls
With both horse no longer with us we have enough grazing for Petal and Petunia. After much research we decided that Galloway cattle appealed and were well suited to our lifestyle. They are not only small and woolly and cute, they are also very good at eating weeds and scrub and are easy calvers giving birth to very small calves who gain weight rapidly. We hope to join the Galloway Association and take an ongoing interest in the breed.

Family Album - Ollie Ring Neck Parrot And Magma Lorikeet

Magma and Ollie Loud Lorikeet and Chatty Ringneck
Magma the lorikeet now lives with Joshua in his relocatable house where he is loose all day and sleeps under the blankets in his bed. He still comes up to do day stay while Josh is at work and he and Ollie look forward to time together whistling and mimicking each other. . Ollie is our Indian Ringneck he talks very little he can say "Hello Ollie" and mutters. We Got Ollie to help Jessica get over her fear of birds and she loves him, except when he flies, it brings back her bird phobia! She was hilarious one night, with Ollie on her bed playing and talking to each other, when suddenly she screamed, Gordon went to her rescue, as she hid yelling "Ollie's a bird!" Poor Ollie had flown across the room.

Family Album - Choe And The Mallard Duck OMalley

O'Malley - The Menacing Mallard
O'Malley is named after Thomas O'Malley the alley cat in Aristocats, the fact that he is a Mallard helped with his name. He turned up in the middle of Hamilton a little fluffy duckling, with no family. He came home and was nursed to adulthood. He has decided to stay with us. We do clip his wings during duck shooting season, just in case. He has a harem of chooks, and a lily pond. Every morning he arrives waddling and demanding his share of cat biscuits. On winter evenings he climbs up to our spa on our deck, and keeps us company. Dear old Malley managed to get under the horse feet sometime in the night, and we found him with a badly broken leg. I realigned the bones and splinted it with a spatula and duct tape, he had no movement at all in it. But after a few weeks of immobilization, with twice daily water therapy he is waddling about in a very distinctive manner.

Family Album - Bumble Frizzle Chicken

Bumble - Delightful Frizzle Chicken
Bumble was a very lucky egg, deserted by her mother and about to be tossed in the compost when Chloe listened to it and she chirped at her. She was quickly peeled, and dried and kept warm and fed, that night she was snuck back under Mom. Alas in the morning she was cold and limp and near death, while her siblings were running about happily. She came back into the house and was warmed and fed and given walking lessons, Eventually Bumble migrated to the great outdoors where she lives with other chooks, but she knows she is special.

Our human family

Chloe and Jessica
Well our girls are growing up too fast! Chloe started her Midwifery course in February 2009 and is about to sit her final exams in October 2011 she is well on her way to being an excellent midwife. Jessica has left school and after some soul searching has started a course in Design and Fashion, she is very gifted in both as well as being very compassionate.

Family Album - Jessica And Chloe Dressed UpFamily Album - Chloe close upFamily Album - Chloe And Labradoodle Albert

Joshua is doing so well, he is working and doing training at work in the hope of moving into a management position. He is living independently in his relocatable and thanks to my wonderful friend and neighbor who taught Josh to drive is now has his own car and drivers license so more independence.

Family Album - Joshuas Relocatable Arriving On CraneFamily Album - Joshua Watching House Arrive

Family Album - girls on their horsesFamily Album - Gordon And Jessica On Roller coaster Rainbows end

We've made way for fun along the way, and always made our family two and four legged our priority and first love.

Family Album - Chloe And Jessica With Gordon At SoccerFamily Album - With Boston Terrier Sophie

Bye Bye Bostons

Family Album BooBoo the Boston Terrier

BooBoo Boston - Died April 26th 2008
We knew and loved Boo Boo from conception to her end, her birth was fraught and she was born an only puppy flat and near death. My wonderful vet revived her and she became a huge part of our lives. Sadly we no longer have my darling eccentric delightful, belching, snuffling, farting Betty Boo. Boo Boo was well known as the talking dog, she stressed when anyone arrived or left and made unearthly noises. She first spoke when Jessica was a tantrum throwing toddler and each time she yodeled Boo Boo would join in and frustrate her as it made her laugh, not a good look when you are trying to be very angry! She breast fed cats and kittens her entire life. Betty suffered from several bad corneal abrasions through out her life and sadly she developed a very bad eye as an old dog, with either secondary glaucoma or a tumour behind the eye. Although the vet was willing to attempt removing her eye, she was virtually blind in her 'good eye' and had a hard mass in one of her mammary glands, although agonizing we decided the best thing for Boo Boo was that she slip quietly off to sleep. I held her closely and she had a wonderful peaceful end. I miss her terribly, Sophie was lost without her.
Jessica now 17 brought me out a poem she quickly wrote for Boo the night she died so here it is, this copy will not be tear stained!

Crying hearts
And tearful eyes
The time has come
To say good-bye

Love is tender
Love is true
Oh how we loved
The farting BooBoo

Weeping howls
From Jessica's mouth
Soon heard it's replies
With Boo Boo's cries

'Shut up you stupid dog'
Would shortly be yelled
Then again another cry
Would follow that Howl
Spa Times were her fave
She'd pant and she'd fart
Followed by our desperate cries
'I can't breath 'we all would bark

Betty now lays at rets
Beneath her favourite spa
Her stressing and the pain she felt
She can now forget

Despite her faults and deadly gas
No one would disagree
That Boo Boo was amazing
And it's now her time to flee

A better place now
Is where she is
Treasured in our hearts
Day after day

Boo is buried under her favourite spa, and out of the rain which she hated!

Betty Lou, also known as BooBoo. Betty is well remembered as The Talking Dog, which she did indeed do. She was the daughter of our other Boston Terrier Sophie, known as Snort.

Family Album - Sophie Boston Terrier Smiling

Sophie Snorter Boston Terrier and Cat Mother
By her end Snort, was blind and totally deaf, she navigated using her feet and her head. She was rather clever at finding her way around! She always fed kittens, dear little girl. Sadly we lost our darling Sophie in March 2009, she had a good long life, Min Orca missed her terrible for a few nights, and we will miss her forever.

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