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Winter's here!

Well a long Winter after a Clayton's Summer

The new look website has been up and running now for a full year. Many of you have already joined the Wisecracks Facebook Group and the group has become very dynamic, fun and interactive. I could not be happier with how the group is working. We are all able to share videos, photos, news, problems and joys.


Winter News

We continue to live in controlled chaos, kitchen & cattery rebuilds are still waiting in the wings, materials purchased and waiting patiently to be put to good use.

We are excited to have a new outcross line from last season's litters. Margarita aka Buttercup and Shiraz will add beautifully to our lines. Buttercup is long haired so eventually we may have a few long haired Devon Rex arriving.

On the human front there are hard times ahead with my Mom very sick. Josh has finished some of his papers and is doing enrty level management at MacDonalds. Chloe is qualified as a Midwife and was married on April 21st. Jessica sadly quit her Fashion & Design course, and is working full time in a surf shop as 3 IC.

New Devon Rex Kittens

I am not sure how I will manage this breeding Season, I am torn between keeping my life normal (if you can call it that) and knowing I have a lot of committments with my wonderful Mom.

Other Thoughts

This may be a good time to take a minute to complete an annual health review, with the winter weather making us all stay inside more. The Annual Health Review is an important part of our Breeding for Health programme and we really appreciate the time you take in filling these out and returning them to us.

Having had two of my kittens in homes now get poisoning from chewing on lily's kept as houseplants it may be a good idea to do a quick house and garden check and maybe google some sites about what plants are poisonous to pets. This site has pictures of the plants plus what to do if you suspect poisoning may be the case Poisonous Plants and Pets. If you find any other good sites on this subject please let me know and I will look at adding the best ones to one of my pages.

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