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SUMMER 2014 - 2015

It has been a dry hot summer and we even managed to escape camping for 9 days over Christmas/ New Year, with our daughter, son in Law and glorious grand daughter.

On the cat front, we are trying to keep our cat numbers down, but as the tui add would say - Yeah Right! This season we are hoping to meet Pandoea's first litter. We are keeping Min Orca's daughter Curlew, and two kittens from our beautiful Variant boy Weneri.

At the risk of looking like the world's greatest procrastinator, we hope to finish the cattery rebuild this summer.

We have become seriously addicted to our nubian goats, they are almost as addictive as Devons. We had a go at cheese making last season and hope to be drinking only goats milk this season and making lots of cheese. If you would like to see our beloved goats you can visit their website Aquiline Nubian Goats.


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