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Spring 2014

Spring is a busy time of the year at Wisecracks


We certainly are looking forward to the joy of kittens and new life. While last spring saw the arrival of our glorious grand daughter, the last few months have been gruelling with the loss of both my parents. While their deaths were peaceful and as good as it gets, I miss their love, wisdom and support every moment of every day.
Our Cattery is half rebuilt (pool fence got pushed up the priority ladder with the new grand baby) We decided to mate any girls who called early this spring and just cope if they all got in kitten. We have 4 litters due and hopefully kittens will all be in wonderful homes by early January and we will be able to escape camping.

We have two first time mothers, Pigwidgin and Pandorea, due which is always exciting.

I would like to thank all the people who have waited patiently for these litters!


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