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Autumn 2013

Well after a totally claytons summer we are rapidly flying through Autumn towards winter. Here at Wisecracks we have survived a tad of kitten overload with my darling outcross girl delivering a litter of 7, when I already had two planned litters and one unplanned litter! As per usual we managed gracefully and all of our kittens were loved and cherished and have all found wonderful homes. In the mix was our daughter's wedding in late april and some serious family health issues which are ongoing.

The next kitten season will be starting in a few months and although we always looks forward to a break we also excitedly look forward to our new arrivals. We are hoping to meet some Halloumi kittens who will be named after breads, having just raised, a litter of fish, wine and cheese named kittens, bread was conspicuous by it's absence. We also hope Asarina may have a litter, she lost a litter at 5 weeks and has not been mated since.

New arrivals who will be joining the Wisecracks clan are two outcross cats Margarita our fluffy squirrel impersonator and tea bag thief known around these parts as Buttercup and her half brother passionate handsome red boy Shiraz. Buttercup may also have a litter later this season which will be very exciting.

I really truly am going to desex Scruffy Nuts I have made so many excuses aching to meet a Scruffy Nuts kittens but it is never to be. Brokk may also be leaving the ranks, his only two kittens were both total characters but in spite of being Min Orca kittens they both have relatively long faces, the jury is still out, will keep you all posted.

Gordon is on holiday goat proofing the fences (if that is indeed even possible). We have the materials to start our cattery renovation which is well overdue, and the kitchen will slot in somewhere, some time, the cabinets are happily living in the garage and not complaining.

Wishing you all a warm and cosy winter ahead with the best of health.

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