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Wisecracks Devon Rex and Devon Rex Variant Kittens

Our kittens leave home at 10 weeks, they are totally loved, kissed and handled they take to their new homes Cattitude and a CD of their family photos, and photos of their ancestors. I make every effort to keep in touch with my kitten owners throughout the life of their cat and hopefully beyond. Kittens who have adoptive families early in their lives are kept up to date with their progress with photo updates and emails to make the waiting a little easier, if new families have a predetermined name we also start to use that name as soon as we know so the kitten is familiar with his/her new name when they arrive in their new home. You can find a list of things you will need for your new kitten, here

Our kittens are vaccinated at 10 weeks and will require a second vaccination 3-4 weeks later and again at one year of age there after every other year. My kittens are microchipped, desexed, wormed, manicured, toilet trained, NZCF registered socialized with people, large and small dogs and parrots, being raised in the hub of a busy home. I sell my Devon Rex kittens for $660, and my Devon Rex Variant kittens for $300. As of January 2015, I have made a decision to microchip all of my kittens and include this in their cost.

At present kittens who choose to fly to their new homes, can share flight space to cut costs, as the flight charge is for up to 20kg. If several kittens are flying to the same destination, I normally put the owners in contact with one another to sort out a mutually suitable time.The flight costs are $120 anywhere in the North Island and $198 anywhere in the South Island, There is also the cost of a carry cage. Air New Zealand has changed their policy on Acceptable Flight Cages these are clearly stated on their website. Conversely I am able to access good quality suitable carry cages via my vet.
Owners can book and pay for their kitten's flight by calling 0800 737 737, after checking that the day and time works for me to get the kitten/kittens to the airport.

Prices are subject to change.

Our kittens are raised as family members and go to approved homes. However I would like to reinforce the need to keep in touch with us regarding your new kitten/cat's progress and health. If for any reason you have to rehome your Devon we are happy to help find an appropriate family and/or need to know the contact details of their new family. If we have reason to believe the cat is not being adequately cared for we reserve the right to have the kitten/cat collected and rehomed, we sincerely hope that our choice of suitable families makes this highly unlikely!

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paw glow

Devon Rex Cat Cilla Consealer (aka Rubber Chicken) at 3 years old


Cilla Concealer transforms from bald baby bird look alike
to a beautiful adult Devon Rex

Devon Rex kittens like all cats are born unable to hear or see, their wee eyes are closed and their ears are small and flat to their heads. Kittens who are Mink, Pointed or Sepia are born white or light cream and develop their colour with age with their extremities and body parts which are cooler getting darker with time. Between three days to a week old they open their eyes and slowly start to focus. At 3 weeks of age their ears flip upright and start to get bigger and thinner not unlike rolling out pastry! From this time onwards their social development flies ahead and they start to mobilize, wobbly at first often laying swatting at imaginary butterflies but they are soon miniature wee cats eating, using their toilets, playing and seeking out people for fun and cuddles. I have chosen Cilla Consealer aka Rubber Chicken photos to show the transformation from newborn kitten to adult cat. Being a Seal Smoke Mink Chicken also demonstrates how the Mink, Pointing and Sepia coat patterns develop over time. I hope this helps with anyone seeing brand new kittens and trying to imagine how they will grow up. The photo to the right shows our gorgeous Rubber Chicken at 3 years old while the photos below show her development from 2 days to 12 months old.

Devon Rex Kitten Rubber Chicken grows up into a beautiful cat


paw glow

Wondering Which Cat Gender To Live With?

I am often asked, whether it is best to adopt a male or female kitten. There is of course no right or wrong answer, but I have listed a few generalizations that may act as a guide line. Every cat is an individual and we have some totally unconditionally loving girls.

Affection More unconditionally affectionate Affectionate in fits and starts which we often refer to as 'passion attacks'
Wandering Being an intelligent people loving cat breed eitherĀ  gender of Devon Rex tends to wander. Desexed males are sometimes less obsessed with investigating their extended neighbourhood Being an intelligent people loving cat breed eitherĀ  gender of Devon Rex tends to wander. Females do tend to be more inquisitive and therefore can be more adventurous and are often better hunters.
Urine Marking Both male and female cats will mark their territory. Even desexed males will mark territory when threatened. Even face rubbing, and scratching furniture are territorial behaviors Both male and female cats will mark their territory. Female cats can and will mark their territory as well as any male cat.
Mixing Cat Genders In Your Home Desexed males may possibly be more compatible with a desexed female cat companion. Desexed females may possibly be more compatible with a desexed male cat companion.


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