Breed Personality Profile

An elf, a clown, an extraterrestrial, and a cartoon cat,
everyone has a special description for the Devon Rex.

Wisecracks Scruffy Nuts modeling a particularly disheveled look

In order to truly appreciate the unique appearance of the Devon Rex, you must first set aside your preconceptions of what a cat should look like. Devon's have their own version of the ultimate pixie feline. Low set oversize ears jut out and away from the sides of an elfin cheeky face with a turned up nose. Large impish eyes suggest a madcap personality and a nimble mind. Whiskers looking more like a five o'clock shadow or the result of a disastrous perm, than those that would normally be found on the face of a cat.

A coat of downy fur that curls and ripples covers a deceptively muscular body. However Devons may wear a variety of coats. Not only can the wave of the coat vary so can the thickness or density. Devon coats may range from a tidy smooth ripple to a full rolling loose uneven look and at the other extreme some devons have only peach fuzz or what is referred to as a suede coat, this may be complimented by longer hair on the ear muffs, thighs, legs and tail giving them a distinctly disheveled look!

Kitten coats usually thin out (moult) at about eight weeks of age. Although some kittens escape this moult phase, many juveniles keep their suede look until the adult coat starts to come in which can take up to 2 years. It has recently been discovered that the Devon Rex gene is actually an allele of the sphinx gene which perhaps contributes to this phenomenon. Devons are friendly, lively, affectionate, playful, intelligent, mischievous, impish, enterprising and active.

Devon Rex Cat with ParrotDevon Rex - Bat like Ears

Devons rarely sit upon a windowsill looking elegant or bored. Devons are seldom elegant and never bored (or boring).

Devon Rex lounging in a garden potDevon Rex Cat sitting up looking humanThe ever in-elegant Devon Rex  doing couch potato impersonation

They leap onto your shoulders and make themselves comfortable or they lie across the back of your neck and investigate your ear. They are able to to locate the exact spot to sit which will make them impossible to ignore! They have a sense of humour and are very determined!

 Devon Rex Cats and Kittens love to shoulder rideMore shoulder riding Devon Rex Cats

They lie in stacks like a pile of soft toys in front of heat vents, or pile one upon another until they lay six deep in a cat bed designed for one or two, or pile into boxes, drawers, baskets or any available space until it is filled to capacity! Baking out of the oven can make a warm, soft bed, and they are happy to curl up around or on warm cakes and crumbles!

Devon Rex Cats sharing a small basket Devon Rex Sitting in Cake tin on top of Stove

They are skilled food thieves; if it is edible they will steal it, rip it open, try it, chew it, and if it meets their approval make it disappear.

Devon Rex Cats will finish your drinks!Devon Rex Cats Love food - Dog, Cat and Bird all hanging out in a food bowlDevon Rex Cats will seal your food

Devons can have odd eating habits, including, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, blueberry muffins to name a few!

Devon Rex Cats will eat all sorts of odd things like pumpkinDevons will look for food in all sorts of places ignoring the obviousA rubbish bin can provide a tasty snack or two for a perpetually hungry Devon

Devons like dogs will follow you from room to room, their tails wagging in anticipation. They chat with little chirrups, chortles and trills, but their purring may drown out their other conversation.

Devons love to retrieve

And Devons often seem to be fascinated by water, many actually getting into the shower or even the bath with their families.

Devons love water - a sink tap provides endless fascinationDevons are not afraid of water - some take baths and showers!

Devons do not meander, they favour a purposeful trot. They know where they are going and what they are going to do when they get there. They are also great climbers, and sometimes they even find their way back down! They can be accident prone!

Devons are busy explorers who favour a purposeful trot!Devon Rex Cats can be accident prone

Devons Love helping with house work! They excel at rinsing dishes! Cleaning shower glass, and putting decorative footprints on bath and bench surfaces is one of their areas of expertise.

You open it they will get in - Devon Rex in a dishwasherAn ever bust Devon Rex Cat in a Toilet bowl

Devons are creative and inventive, Like all cats they love heat, actually probably more than most cats, and they are very resourceful at discovering new and unique ways of keeping warm. Mouse has discovered a new four foot warmer! Scruffy Nuts has a large personal heated dog bed!

Devon Rex Cat warming paws on a coffee makerDogs provide a good source of heat for a Devon Rex Cat

Devons make great dog trainers and dog companions

A devon will let your dog know who is boss!Devons love the company of dogsDevons and dogs form close bonds

Devons like to play hide and seek!

Spot the Devon Rex Kittens Hiding in the Toys!Devon Rex Kitten - Hide and seek in a potDevon Rex Kittens find fun places to hide

Devons are very good at relaxing, not always in the most elegant of fashion!.

A devon Rex Cat will sleep in odd positionsA Devon Rex Cat can teach us a thing or two about how to chill out!The not so elegant Devon Rex knows how to relax

Some Devons can dance! Others dress up. But one way or another they leave a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to meet them! Devons are very sociable cats; they want to be with you, preferably on you and doing what you are doing, or at least making it difficult for either of you to do it properly.

A Busy Devon Rex Cat pouncingDevon Dancing - playing on a bed

A Devon Rex Kitten making a fashion statementDevon Rex Looking Chic in Her Winter Coat!

One thing's for sure...
They have a way of weaseling their way into everyone's hearts, people and other pets alike, and specialize in winning over any non-believers.

A Devon will find a way into your heart

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