Our Devon Rex Cattery

We are committed to breeding healthy Devon Rex cats
with amazing temperaments.

Wisecracks Devon Rex Cattery Environment

We are a country cattery just south of Tauranga. LOCATION MAP

Our mother cats are all totally loved house pets. We have cat fenced our property in order to allow our stud cats the freedom of time spent in the garden and our girls freedom from marauding stray cats! Kittens are born in our bedroom and progress to the dining room at two weeks of age. There they become accustomed to our busy household. They share their home with multiple other cats, Roxie our Standard Poodle/Mastiff cross , Albert her Labradoodle son, my daughter's Paris Hilton dog Gizmo who is a Chihuahua x Pomeranian,, a cat aggressive Indian Ringneck and a very noisy Rainbow Lorikeet who visits daily. They go to their new homes with their first vaccination desexed, toilet trained and ready to take over their new families with great gusto! There are humans here as well, Gordon and I are the old adults, Jessica, Chloe and Joshua are the young adults.

Our main aim is to breed healthy, outgoing, people focused cats. We have worked closely with a very good friend, out crossing our proven cats to mainly domestic cats in order to increase the gene pool of Devon Rex cats. My Hall of Fame page tracks some of our work thus far. We are very committed to the breed, and totally ethical in all of our dealings with people and of course our cats and other much loved creatures. My love of cats goes back for as long as I can remember and I still treasure cat books I was given as a child. I grew up with Siamese cats as well as many rescued cats my parents always kindly welcomed into our home, nursed back to health and adopted into our already diverse family. Another of my great passions is studying genetics, as a young girl at school I was enthralled by Mendel's theories of inheritance. The combination of these two factors has resulted in my becoming involved in breeding cats that are not only overflowing in character but who also provide the challenge of being a relatively new breed.

Wisecracks Stud Cat's Spacious Environment

We have now been breeding Devon Rex cats since 1998.

Only our stud cats live in the cattery, sadly there is no way they can live with us and the female cats as there would be uncontrolled matings and urine marking everywhere. Their homes are fully insulated, with cosy hammocks for sleeping, a large run each with shelving for them to get up high and mighty. Even with this comfort we found it necessary to provide our beautiful boys with an out door area. To this end we have cat fenced an area of our property, and our boys take turns being out in the garden, doing the things cats love to do, but first things first, they have to do their scent marking trail, reclaiming what the last boy just claimed, hard on the nose but great occupational therapy!

If you would like to know more about the extended Wisecracks family (both two and four legged varieties) you can do so here.FAMILY ALBUM

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