About Devons

Wisecracks Devon Rex Cat Annie peeking out Form under a bench


Brace yourself, living with a Devon Rex is not like living with your average cat!

Firstly, you must have a thick skin and sense of humour to live with not only the Devon Rex personality, but also the many comments and insults people, even close friends and family make about their appearance. Once they own you, you need to be creative in order to make up excuses for both your own peculiar behaviour and their's.

Devons are energetic cats with great determination, a stubborn streak and great problem solving skills.

I had a lovely family visit, the husband wanted a dog, the mother wanted a parrot and the daughter wanted a kitten, they called delighted a few weeks after adopting their Devon Rex Kitten to say they had all three wrapped up in one curly coated cat, he sat on their shoulders like a parrot, retrieved and wagged his tail like a dog and purred and played like a cat!

You can read more about their unique personalities on the Devon Rex Breed Profile page.

Wisecracks Devon Rex Luna sitting on carpet

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